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Trying to leverage Internet marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising when you’re a small business can be a big challenge since they’re often budget, time and resource demanding.  So it’s important to find ways to focus and prioritize your efforts.

Whether you want to outsource your SEO and PPC needs or if you just need access to expert guidance to help support your  own team, Hochman Consultants can help! We have decades of experience with small businesses just like yours!

How Do PPC & SEO Help Your Small Business Grow?

Past Projects

No matter how much expertise your people have, they may experience ongoing challenges with website performance, or be concerned about a website redesign or migration.  With our decades of experience working for numerous organizations, we can give you the missing piece of the puzzle. Examples of past projects include:

  • Review a portfolio of web sites and identify gaps between current conditions and best practices

  • Audit PPC campaign to eliminate wasteful spending and discover opportunities to increase conversions.

  • Training in-house staff in SEO and PPC.

  • Monitor critical website development projects to ensure that business objectives are met.


Following Google’s Search Quality Guidelines

On November 19, 2015 Google published the latest version of their Search Quality Rating Guidelines.This 8 megabyte, 160 page document explains the website characteristics Google looks for to rank the best pages first. Our philosophy is that the most reliable way to reach the top of Google is to improve websites according to Google’s own quality guidelines.

Clients are frequently overwhelmed by the volume of information that Google publishes. Having faced many of the same problems before, we can usually identify the most significant opportunities, and suggest cost-effective fixes. By prioritizing and making the necessary improvements, a site will more closely match what Google is looking for, and improve its position in the search results.

Of course, what Google is looking for matches what users are looking for. Our site improvement program will make the site more satisfying to users, and tend to increase the value of each visitor. Not only does our program help increase traffic, it can also make that traffic more profitable.

For help with your SEO & PPC projects, please contact Hochman Consultants.

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