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Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategies that work for your business.

Search optimization increases your site’s ability to rank high in the list of results that the search engines show. The higher up you rank the more likely people are to visit your website.  SEO is done by making changes to your pages, and by making connections between the pages and the rest of the Internet.

Our philosophy is that the most reliable way to help you reach the top of Google is to improve  your website according to Google’s own Search Quality Guidelines. – Guidelines that explain the website characteristics Google looks for to rank the best pages first.

Ultimately, what Google wants is to provide the best possible match to what the searcher wants. But there are many different factors that Google takes into account to determine whether your page is the right option.

When it comes to Google and making  SEO alterations the amount of information can be overwhelming. Having faced many of the same problems before, we can usually identify the most significant opportunities, and suggest cost-effective fixes. By prioritizing and making the necessary improvements, your site will more closely match what Google is looking for, and can improve its position in the search results.

Improving your SEO can make your site more satisfying to visitors, and tends to increase the value of each visitor. Not only does our program help increase traffic, it can also make that traffic more profitable.

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Search Engine Optimization

Watch a quick video to learn more about how SEO works. 

SEO Services That Deliver Value

SEO Strategy

To convince people to visit or link to a web site, that site must offer something unique and valuable. Before optimizing your site for the search engines, we evaluate your products or services. Who will benefit by using your products or services? Why do they want it, and how is it different from your competition? What offer is made to your prospective customers and can it be improved?

Keyword Research

Understanding which keywords are important allows you to go after the search terms that will deliver targeted visitors. We obtain keyword research from several sources, including search engine search reporting services, and pay-per-click advertising test campaigns. The goal is to optimize the site for keywords that turn into business.

SEO Copywriting and Coding

Some of the quickest SEO results can be obtained by replacing vague wording with specific search terms. You also need to make sure that you have enough content, that the content provides useful information, and that your content is organized logically. Finally, we employ quality control automation to eliminate spelling and coding errors that can reduce search visibility and harm user experience.

Some programming methods prevent search engines from indexing your site. We can audit your site to identify and remove any “spider traps.” Accessibility programming ensures that all content is visible to the search engines. When a search engine reads a web site it only recognizes the text, not the images. If your content is visual, then you need to provide an alternative representation in the form of text. By making your content accessible to search engines, you can begin to benefit from greater visibility, and your clients will appreciate being able to find your site via Google and other search engines.

Linking and Off-Page Optimization

Many search engines, including Google, rank sites based on the quantity of inbound links, and the words used in inbound links. We do not recommend link exchanges or emailing people to ask for links. During an SEO campaign we will look for link opportunities and give you advice. Of course, the best links are the ones people create because they like your site.

Design and Usability Improvements

High quality sites earn more links. If your site looks good and performs well, it will be evaluated favorably and you’ll receive links from other sites. Also, we don’t want visitors to take one look at your site and decide that it’s not reliable.

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