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Improve your website’s performance and protect your business from legal issues.

Every dollar counts when you’re investing in internet marketing. So each time a visitor lands on any page of your website, no matter how they got there you want to make sure that your website is at the top of its game and is helping your visitors accomplish what they want instead of getting in the way.  Website usability and accessibility are critical to ensuring that your visitors are happy and your website is successful.

Website Usability Testing

Whether you’re selling products or providing services, your website should make it easy for your visitors (also known as users) to get to know your business, find the information they’re looking for and accomplish whatever it is they want to do quickly, easily and without frustration. Website usability helps you create a site that is centered around the needs of your users.

The relationship between website usability and the bottom line for your company is well-established. Websites that are focused on usability and user experience best practices have a competitive edge and can be rewarded with improved search engine results, traffic and revenue. By helping your users achieve their goals you can also achieve your business goals.

Hochman Consultants has a certified usability and user experience specialist  that will test your website and look for areas where the user interface might be causing problems for your visitors. This broad overview audit offers focuses in on key areas and offers actionable advice on what you can do to improve your website usability.

For more information on website usability testing and how it can help your company please contact Hochman Consultants today.

Website Usability and Conversions Testing

Are you looking for opportunities to increase conversions – Things that you want the user to do on your website, like fill out a form, make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter?  Are you looking for ways to increase sales and traffic? If so, then  one of the best moves you can make is to review your website from the perspective of your website visitors.

Hochman Consultants has a certified usability and user experience specialist to guide your strategy and provide critical feedback that can influence the success of your website.

Our Website Usability and Conversions audit will look at the things that influence users like:

  • Information Architecture – The foundation of a website supports navigation, tasks, and the flow of information for better clarity and understandability.

  • Navigation – Your visitors are on a mission. Well structured navigation helps them quickly and effortlessly find what they came for.

  • User Interface – The layout of web pages, color choices, font choices, placement of images and more are carefully crafted for your specific target market.

  • Mobile Design – Mobile devices usage now outweighs all other computers. Design for mobile meets the needs of people on the go and as an added bonus, rewarded by search engines that prefer mobile websites.

  • Persuasive Design – Advanced user interface enhancements based on human computer behavior research increase user engagement and customer loyalty.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your website is built to meet the proper standards, guidelines, requirements and specifications for your online business, web users, browsers, and computer devices. Search engines deliver the best candidates for search queries. Making sure your website is competitive improves the likelihood that it will be indexable, shared, referred and earn customer loyalty.

If you have questions or would like to have your website’s  reviewed by our usability and user experience expert please contact Hochman Consultants today!

Accessibility Reviews & ADA Testing

The ultimate goal for your business is to be accessible to everyone regardless of any disability or impairment.  Today business is online.

Since 2015 the number of website accessibility ADA lawsuits has skyrocketed in the USA. Canada and the UK are already preparing to enforce accessibility compliance. Lawsuits are occurring because we live in a digital world. Making websites and the content on them like images, PDF’s and videos accessible for everyone is a growing concern and need.

Sometimes a company receives a civil complaint from someone who was unable to use their website. Common cases that have gone to court are driven by blind people using screen readers to make purchases, fill out forms, understand product pages, or download coupons. More people are demanding that videos and podcasts be transcribed and closed captioned. Schools and universities are facing lawsuits from students unable to use online courses or access student sections for grades and lessons information.

Unfortunately, the Americans with Disabilities Act in the USA does not include websites and without specific guidance many companies are unaware of any legal reasons to build an accessible website. That is, until they are served with an ADA lawsuit from someone who is unable to conduct a task due to a barrier within the design of the website itself.

Hochman Consultants has a certified Accessibility Specialist available to conduct an accessibility check of your website and look for any potential lawsuit triggers. We can provide support for your developers for accessibility compliance and assist with bringing your web pages up to full compliance.

If your company has been served a letter of complaint of an ADA violation or you wish to have a website accessibility audit performed, please contact us today.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kim for nearly two decades. She long ago became my go-to source for all aspects of usability and accessibility – I’ve found her knowledge in those areas to be unsurpassed. She has also proven herself to be extremely insightful regarding intricate design issues, often spotting potential issues missed by other designers. For anyone concerned with compliance with both the legal aspects and best practices of webpage design, usability and accessibility, I give my strongest possible recommendation that you consult with Kim – you’ll be glad you did!

Doc Sheldon, Technical SEO Consultant

You’ve exceeded my highest expectations for what a professional can do.

Rand Fishkin, CEO,

Kim Krause Berg knows her usability. We contract for her services whenever we can and her flexibility and attention to detail are unparalleled! As someone who does SEO – I just don’t have the time know all there is to know about how my SEO decisions effect the usability of a website. Hiring Kim to do Usability reviews for websites is one of the best decisions we’ve made for our clients. Her reports are thorough, thoughtful and always contain action items we can put to work right away. Her tips and ideas have also been great conversation starters with clients reluctant to redesign. I highly recommend having Kim look at your site whether it’s already live or in the wireframe stage – her insights into how people and demographics use your site are going to make you money.

Carrie Hill

The entire industry (especially as Google has evolved in recent years) understands and is vocalizing the importance of the ideas Kim has been trying to present for almost two decades, but they are still behind the curve when it comes to actually bothering put what they are preaching into practice.

Stockbridge Truslow

Having worked within the internet marketing industry since 1995, and SEO since 2000, I’ve long known the critical need web sites have for proper Usability. The more SEO has evolved in those years, the more User Experience has become integral to proper organic optimization as well. Specializing in forensic SEO audits, I have had the need to bring Kim in on multiple projects once my audits have determined UX to be severely flawed. The level of dedication, knowledge, and experience Kim brings to the IA/UX and overall SEO evaluations, recommendations and client implementation guidance is second to no-one else I’ve worked with or referred work to. I can’t speak highly enough as to how important it is to have someone like Kim doing this work. The value she and her work can bring to a site can positively impact ALL visitor experiences, regardless of referrer source.

Alan Bleiweiss - Forensic SEO Consultant

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