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Are you looking to create new business opportunities with a website build, a site redesign or software development project?

Your Website Is a Cornerstone of Your Online Marketing Efforts

Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to building, managing and maintaining the best website for your business the list of considerations is lengthy. But no matter what your specific goals and requirements are Hochman Consultants has the experience to help guide you.

We can take an advisory role, or handle specific parts of the project or even the entire project. Our goal is to assist you where you need us most. Contact us today if you are:

  • In the early stages of planning and looking for some expert advice to guide your efforts

  • Have unexpected problems that have come up that you need help resolving

  • Prefer to delegate specific parts of the project or even the the entire thing to experienced experts in the field

Transparent, Competitive Pricing

Depending on the size and complexity of the project we can quote a flat rate price, or provide hourly services at competitive rates.  Hourly rates depend on the service being offered but range from $80-$150/hour. For a quote based on your specific needs please call Hochman Consultants today at (203) 699-2628


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