Hochman Consultants ensures the security of websites with:

  1. Daily backup of code and database using state-of-the-art software running on Amazon’s cloud.
  2. Daily software patches, including core, plugins and themes. (if applicable)
  3. Test every 5 minutes whether the site is up or down.

We charge $250 per year to protect a typical website, including WordPress.  If a site gets hacked on our watch, we fix it for free.   All of our search marketing programs include this service at no additional cost.


If your site has been hacked, it needs to be cleaned before protection begins.  The typical cleanup starts at $375.  If content has been deleted, there may be additional charges to recreate it.

With all software updates there is a minor risk of incompatibilities developing.  For instance, a new version of a WordPress plugin might not work with the installed theme.  We cannot guarantee against this risk, but usually the cost of any necessary repair would be modest.

For help with website security, please contact us.

Website Security

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