Helping you keep your website up-to-date.

An important part of making sure that your website is successful is making sure that the information on it is current, accurate, helpful and complete. So if you need a cost-effective solution for making changes to your website then you’re the right place!

When we add content to your site, we ensure proper search engine optimization and standards compliance. We have dedicated staff to provide fast turn- around times, and support a wide variety of technologies and file formats, including:

  • Basic web pages: HTML, XHTML, CSS

  • Content management systems: WordPress, Joomla

  • Graphic design: Photoshop, PDF generation

  • Active content: Javascript, jQuery, Flash, AJAX, forms

  • Server scripting: PHP, ASP Classic, ASP.NET

  • Java development and support

  • Database integration

We typically charge $80 per hour for website maintenance.

If you need help making changes to your website or would like additional information, please contact us.


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