Email Marketing

A cost effective way to generate leads and stay engaged with your customers.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available for communicating and developing relationships. However, email marketing can only be that powerful when it’s done well.

Using your standard email client (e.g. Outlook®, Eudora®, Hotmail®, AOL MailSM, Yahoo® etc.) to send a Bcc text or HTML message to your list is not doing email marketing well. Why not? Because your standard email client is not designed for email marketing and therefore has significant limitations that can undermine versus aid your email marketing efforts.

If you have a contact database of sales leads, or people you’ve met at events or trade shows, you can turn that information into cash. Email marketing is a way to extract value from all the business cards you collect. Sometimes a customer is interested in your product, but the timing isn’t right. By sending an occasional newsletter to your contacts, you can make sure they remember you, so when the time is right, they call. Often, a prospect must receive five to seven communications before turning into a business opportunity.

Newsletters are a great way to inform your contacts about new content on your web site, current events, or seasonal information. You want to avoid heavy promotion, because that can quickly turn people off and cause them to unsubscribe. By providing helpful information, without the sales pitch, you strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Email marketing done well always obtains permission so the communication is viewed as benefit, not an annoyance. We recommend MailChimp, a high-quality commercial email service that ensures compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, and helps you to efficiently manage subscription lists. MailChimp also provides a selection of letter and newsletter formats so you can quickly create professional communications.

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