Internet Marketing & Security

Hochman Consultants is a group of marketing professionals that helps clients increase sales, save money and reduce risk. We can improve website performance, use data to better target your ads, and modernize your marketing. We can help ensure that your website stays online, and that your data stays private.  Our clients work with consultants who have ten to twenty years experience. Your customized services could include a marketing plan, personnel training, and company seminars as well as web development, user experience (UX), high-level security, copy-writing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and digital advertising.

Senior Consultants

Jonathan E. Hochman

Jonathan E. Hochman
BS/MS in Computer Science from Yale
25 years experience

Robert M. Jackson

Robert M. Jackson
MBA from University of Michigan
20 years experience


Whether you run a small business or large firm, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of skills and responsibilities involved with digital marketing. We can help with:


Working in person, by phone or by email we will make sure your concerns are addressed.  We have experience working with clients in many industries, including:

  • Banking, insurance, venture capital.
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals.
  • Computer technology, hardware, software.
  • Construction, engineering, environmental services.
  • E commerce, consumer brands, retail.
  • Government, law enforcement.
  • Manufacturing, machine tools, scientific instruments.
  • Logistics, trucking, warehousing.
  • Publishing, media, direct marketing.
  • Professionals, medical practices, dentists, law firms.

We offer service packages appropriate for any budget. Our services generally pay for themselves through expense savings and sales growth.


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