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Kim Krause Berg HeadshotKim Krause Berg owns Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, a provider of services that take advantage of over 20 years’ experience in usability, user experience, accessibility, information architecture, mobile design, user testing, software application functional and usability testing and organic SEO.

An early adapter SEO and UX methodologies, she launched (decommissioned) in 1996 as a search engine optimization teaching site. Trained in Human Factors in 2000, Kim created and taught what she called, “Holistic UX and SEO”. In 1998, she founded Cre8asiteforums, the first forums to discuss usability and accessibility topics.

Her extensive work experience in software testing, internet marketing, human factors, accessibility testing, information architecture and web design is rare. Kim is a columnist, speaker and taught Basic Website Usability at the Search Engine College (now closed) for 12 years. In April 2019 she joined Hochman Consultants as a Consultant focused on usability, accessibility and conversions site audits and web design support.

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“Kim long ago became my go-to source for all aspects of usability and accessibility – I’ve found her knowledge in those areas to be unsurpassed. She has also proven herself to be extremely insightful regarding intricate design issues, often spotting potential issues missed by other designers. For anyone concerned with compliance with both the legal aspects and best practices of webpage design, usability and accessibility, I give my strongest possible recommendation that you consult with Kim – you’ll be glad you did!”

Doc Sheldon, Technical SEO Consultant

“You’ve exceeded my highest expectations for what a professional can do.”

Rand Fishkin, CEO,

“Kim Krause Berg knows her usability. We contract for her services whenever we can and her flexiblity and attention to detail are unparalleled! As someone who does SEO – I just dont have the time know all there is to know about how my SEO decisions effect the usability of a website. Hiring Kim to do Usability reviews for websites is one of the best decisions we’ve made for our clients. Her reports are thorough, thoughtful and always contain action items we can put to work right away. Her tips and ideas have also been great conversation starters with clients reluctant to redesign. I highly recommend having Kim look at your site whether it’s already live or in the wireframe stage – her insights into how people and demographics use your site are going to make you money.”

Carrie Hill

“The entire industry (especially as Google has evolved in recent years) understands and is vocalizing the importance of the ideas Kim has been trying to present for almost two decades, but they are still behind the curve when it comes to actually bothering put what they are preaching into practice.”

Stockbridge Truslow

“Having worked within the internet marketing industry since 1995, and SEO since 2000, I’ve long known the critical need web sites have for proper Usability. The more SEO has evolved in those years, the more User Experience has become integral to proper organic optimization as well. Specializing in forensic SEO audits, I have had the need to bring Kim in on multiple projects once my audits have determined UX to be severely flawed. The level of dedication, knowledge, and experience Kim brings to the IA/UX and overall SEO evaluations, recommendations and client implementation guidance is second to no-one else I’ve worked with or referred work to. I can’t speak highly enough as to how important it is to have someone like Kim doing this work. The value she and her work can bring to a site can positively impact ALL visitor experiences, regardless of referrer source.”

Alan Bleiweiss - Forensic SEO Consultant

“Recently, one of our web design clients expressed concerns about increasing their website accessibility due to lawsuits that are becoming more prevalent in their industry. What a relief it was to have Kim to turn to for an in-depth accessibility audit. Kim provides something unusual in my estimation. Because of her broad experience in the web industry, excellent ability to communicate, educate and the depth with which she approaches her work and life she really stands out to me as a singular resource.”

Fat Eyes Web Design

Certified Website Usability & Accessibility Expert

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