There is no standard definition of SEO services, so it is not easy to compare the costs of one provider to another. We’ve seen many SEO packages in the marketplace that are either too expensive, or too cheap. The best way I can answer the question is to explain what we charge and what we do.

Our Service Offerings & Costs

Our Search Marketing Program is $750 per month or per quarter, depending on frequency.  The included services are:

  • Configure Google Analytics as needed and set up any automated reports you would like.

  • Review diagnostics from Google and make indicated adjustments. You will receive an email from us showing our completed checklist and any comments.

  • Maintain automatic backup and version control of your website code, and security monitoring. Client to provide FTP access.

  • Check and configure any content management system, such as WordPress, as needed.

  • Optimize PPC campaigns on Google, and Bing/Yahoo! Client to open accounts and provide access.

  • Identify target keyphrases and optimize the preferred landing pages for each, upon client request.

  • Compile key performance indicators into a Google document and update at each cycle. You will receive notification whenever the document is updated.

  • Thirty minute marketing consultation, if desired by client. In addition, we may request a call if we need your assistance or input to complete the above tasks.

Content creation, blogging, and public relations are $85 – $125 per hour depending on the experience level of the consultant we provide.

Website changes are $85 – $125 per hour depending on what development skills are required.

Website rebuilds are $2500 for up to 20 pages, and $50 per additional page, for WordPress, Joomla, ecommerce or static sites. There is an additional charge for content editing, ecommerce sites, response forms, or software integration. We waive the per page fee on dynamically generated pages. Rebuilds include a free design of our choice. If the client prefers, they may hire a graphic designer at own expense, and we will code whatever reasonable design is produced.

SEO training, consulting, or expert witness services by Jonathan Hochman are $400 per hour, plus travel expenses.

Before you buy SEO services, make sure you understand what you are getting. Many providers engage in link buying or other tactics that violate search engine guidelines and could result in the client’s site being delisted. Real SEO services provide lasting value that continues even after the SEO contract ends.

For more information about the cost of SEO services please contact Hochman Consultants today.