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After graduating from Yale with two degrees in Computer Science, Jonathan Hochman set up his own consulting company in 1990. He has been an Internet marketer since 1994.

External Links & SEO

You’ve worked hard to get visitors to your web site. Should you provide external links? What if visitors leave via those links and never come back? Visitors leave when they’ve seen enough. Trying to box them in won’t stop them from leaving your site. Besides, if certain visitors are not relevant to your [...]

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Adobe Flash and SEO

Due to the rise of mobile browsers, and the fact that Adobe Flash isn’t licensed for most mobile browsers, I have been advising all webmasters to immediately remove any Flash from their pages, and use a more suitable technology such as HTML5. A Brief History of Flash Flash originated in the [...]

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The Google Sandbox Effect

Google is the leading search engine, so any effort to use the Internet for marketing and publicity usually starts with getting your site listed in Google. For many sites, Google provides 25% to 50% or more of this total traffic. When you create a new web site, or change your site to a new [...]

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How to Block Part of a Page from Being Indexed by Google or Other Search Engines

Google and other search engines follow the Robots Exclusion Protocol, more commonly known as robots.txt. This protocol allows a webmaster to prevent search engine spiders (and other types of robots) from accessing particular web pages. But what if you want to prevent search engines from indexing part of a page? You might want [...]

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The Internet Marketing Process

Having a web site isn’t enough You may have invested a considerable amount building a professional looking web site, but that investment won’t pay off unless you use the Internet to effectively market your business. Building a web site and doing Internet marketing are two completely different things. You’ve probably visited a few [...]

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The Danger of Deadlines in Web Development

Creating software is unlike laying bricks, driving a truck or assembling manufactured items. For these jobs it is easy to measure progress and forecast completion. Writing code is like a treasure hunt. With bricks you can count the number set in a given day and figure out the total number of days to [...]

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Spam Prevention Techniques

This page contains HTML and JavaScript code for preventing email address from being harvested from your website, and PHP code to block form spam. Email spam is a major problem for enterprises and individuals because it can lead to fraud, identity theft, computer viruses, and wasted time. In addition, misconceived efforts to block [...]

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302 Redirect vs. 301 Redirect: Which is Better?

Many webmasters would like to know more about the difference between a 301 and 302 redirect.  To a user they seem to work the same way, but they aren’t the same as far as search engines are concerned.  Search engines sense the different types of redirects, and handle them differently. A 301 redirect means [...]

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